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Gaurav Gera’s Viral Videos Playing Shopkeeper-Chutki

Did you remember Nandu “Gaurav Gera” from a daily shop “Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin”? Gaurav Gera is one man army playing Shopkeeper-Chutki dubsmashs on social networking site. Gaurav Gera has nailed it on Instagram with his dubsmashs. This saga going viral on the social networking sites and fans are crazy and they keep requesting Gera to share more and more videos from him; not only in India but it is spreading across the world.

He is really awesome; go & find him by hashtags -‪#‎shopkeeper ‪#‎hanjibenji ‪#‎chutki ‪#‎dubsmash ‪#‎hain ‪#‎gauravgera

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